CARFAX Terms and Conditions

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CARFAX Terms and Conditions


When selecting to use the CARFAX plate lookup, the shop owner must agree to the following terms and conditions.


I understand that by joining the CARFAX Service Link program, I authorize the release of information, including VIN or license plate with state, date, mileage, and repair order information, from my service records to CARFAX directly or through my SMS provider for perpetual use in CARFAX Vehicle History Services. In return, my business will receive FREE advertising after CARFAX receives my applicable contact information to create it for me. I understand that the advertising may be delayed for records without a VIN.

CARFAX will only use vehicle-specific information and does not collect personal information about my business or my customers. I acknowledge that my business location’s name, address, telephone number and website address (if applicable) shall be published on CARFAX reports in connection with the information provided as described above so long as I continue in the Service Link Program.

I also understand that CARFAX relies on its sources for the accuracy and reliability their information, and therefore can only assume responsibility for data from my business that is accurate, complete and reliable. However, should I discover that erroneous information was delivered by my business, and notify CARFAX of the error(s), CARFAX will work with me to correct the erroneous information. The Servi Link program is subject to change or termination at any time in CARFAX’s sole discretion.

Do you accept this agreement?


These terms are agreed to electronically by pressing the Send Authorization button and can only be agreed to by the shop owner.

If you have any questions, please contact Janco Technical Support.


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