Creating Vendor Statements

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Creating Vendor Statements



This article will explain how to create a Vendor Statement in the Vendor Tracking module.

NOTE: This document assumes vendors and payment types have already been setup in Vendor Tracking.



From the Stocktrac® main menu, go into the Vendor Tracking module.


Click on the Statements tab. Near the top left area of the screen, click on the New button.


Highlight the vendor that requires a statement to be drafted and click the Select Button. A blank statement will be generated and displayed on the screen.

From here, a statement number must be entered. “August 2014” is an example of a common statement number.

Next documents need to be added to the statement. The Add Available Documents button can be used to pull completed Vendor Invoices and Credit Returns to the statement.


If this is not applicable, use New Item to add a purchase, return, debit or credit to the statement.


Enter the necessary information for this document. Continue till all documents and items are added. The following options are also available:


Edit Item will allow for any information on an invoice to be viewed only.

Delete Item will remove the invoice from the system. This is not recoverable once this has been done, so be very cautious with this tool.

Remove Item will only remove the invoice from the statement, but allow for it to be added to a different statement by placing it back in the list of available documents.

From this point, the Taxes area of the statement can be edited if need be. This information can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the screen


Clicking on the Calc button will automatically calculate the tax previously configured in the system. Most of the time this is not necessary on a statement because this step is often completed on the invoice.

From this point a payment needs to be selected from the lower right area of the invoice. This will be the payment method that is used to pay for all of the invoices on the statement.

NOTE: This should not be set to Charge. Vendor invoices should be the only ones that use the Charge payment type.

After all the necessary invoices and/or credit returns are added to the statement and a payment type has been selected, use the Post button to finalize the statement.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Janco Technical Support.


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