Defining Additional Estimate Statuses

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Defining Additional Estimate Statuses



StockTrac® ENTERPRISE comes with five pre-defined Estimate Statuses: Quick Quote, Estimate, Work Order, Completed and Billed Out. This document will show how to create additional custom statuses that can then be assigned to the estimates.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Point-of-Sale module.

From the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, click Setup, Estimate Status. The following screen will display:

The five statuses that are predefined have an asterisk next to them. The blank lines on this screen can be used to create custom statuses.

For example, a status could be created called “Waiting on Payment” and placed on the grid above between “Completed” and “Billed Out”. If that was entered, the screen would now look like this:

Enter the custom statuses on this screen and click OK to continue and save the information.

Now that the Waiting on Payment status has been added, this status will come up as an option when an estimate is saved in Point-of-Sale, as shown below.


Contact Janco Support at 800.782-5872 (US) or 800.323.5872 (Canada) with questions about this or any other procedure.


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