StockTrac’s Tire Registration Plus Integration

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StockTrac’s Tire Registration Plus Integration



**Note – To use the Tiremetrix Tire Registration Plus integration in StockTrac®, you must be at least on version 3.4.0 and subscribed to the Integration Subscription.

To enable the integration, go into the Configuration module from Main Menu, select Shop, Integrations, Miscellaneous, and TireMetrix.

Check the Enabled box and enter the UserName and Password supplied to you. Also, when turning it on for the first time, you will need to click on Register Library and Update Brands.

While you are in Configuration, you also want to make sure that all of your Product Codes for Tires are marked to Require a Serial Number. In Configuration, click on the Product Codes button. You can filter on the Tire Sale Code to find them easier – and check the box under Require Serial # for each one. You can also set one product code properly and then use the Copy function on the bottom of the screen to copy this setting to all tire lines – please call our support line for assistance.

Now we are ready to start using the function in Point of Sale!



When we add tire parts to the estimate, you can either click on the Serial Numbers box at any time to enter the Dot numbers, or if they are not filled in before the invoice is finished, you will be prompted to enter them.

Once the number is entered, we will connect with Tiremetrix to see if the number is valid and if there are any recalls.

You will then see the status and have the ability to copy that number (Copy to Next button) to the other tires if they all have the same Dot number. The View Status button lets you see the Recall information again, and the Change Brand will allow you to change the brand of the tire if you receive a message back from Tiremetrix that the brand is not valid for the plant code you have entered.

If we find a match for the tire in your inventory file, we can default the Brand (manufacturer) that we find it in into this screen. In the case of the tire being a Custom part – a part not in your inventory file – you will be asked to enter the tire brand.

In the Select Brand window, you will be given a small list of known Plant Brands for the Plant code section of the DOT number you have entered to pick from. There may be a time when the real Brand of the tire is not listed there. For example, this could occur when a manufacturer changes plants they use for production. Simply click on the All Brands button on that screen, and you will now have a list of all Brands to choose from.

**Note – Clicking on the Update Brands button on the Configuration setup screen every so often will keep that list updated on your system as changes occur.

Once all of the Serial Numbers are entered and have a status filled in, you will be allowed to finish your invoice. As soon as the invoice is completed and printed, the registration data is transmitted to Tiremetrix!

An additional feature in Point of Sale is the ability to do a recall check on any Dot number. This can be useful if you want to add this to your courtesy inspection, or have tires in stock that you want to check. Also, customers may have spares that should be checked before installing them on the vehicle. In the Point of Sale module, select Utilities and then Check Tire Recall.

You are now Compliant and registering and checking tires for recalls. What about in the case of a recall that you want to see who this affects? You have full access to the Tire Registration Plus dashboard in the Customers Module. Once in there, select Reports and Tire Registration Plus.

Once in here, you have the ability to search the database of customers you have registered tires for. You also can search by tire or even by Recall NHTSA campaign number.

Additionally, our Search Customer Data function allows you to search for specific DOT/Serial Numbers on invoices. The search will find all numbers that match the beginning – dependent on how many characters you enter. So if you enter “123” for the search, it will find all DOT numbers beginning with “123”.


Contact Janco Support at 800.782-5872 (US) or 800.323.5872 (Canada) with questions about this or any other procedure.


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