StockTrac ATD/NTD Tire Integration

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StockTrac Enterprise ATD/NTD Tire Integration



StockTrac Enterprise has completed the integration to the new ATD/NTD tire lookup and ordering system. To use the new interface, you will need to have at least version of Point of Sale installed on your system. If you do not have this version installed, please call our support line for assistance. For those that are using the previous ATDConnect system, there is a transition time of a few days to get you on the new system.

Note: ** You must subscribe to the StockTrac Integration Subscription to activate this.

When you are ready to turn this on, please contact our support department first with your ATD/NTD location information. We need to request that your account be linked to our Master Account for StockTrac in their system. This usually takes 1-2 days. When we receive notice you are set, we will contact you and help you activate it.

ATD/NTD Integration Setup

To activate this integration, we will go into the Configuration module, and then select Shop, Integrations, Ordering & Catalogs.

The setup will consist of entering your location number, selecting a margin matrix you would like to use for this integration, what field to use for the excise tax, whether or not you want to use the ATD/NTD cost on buyouts, and selecting the Distribution Centers you want to reference.

Next we will need to make sure that the ordering functions are set up for your ATD/NTD vendor. We will go into the Vendor Tracking module, and select the Vendors tab. Search for your ATD/NTD vendor, and select the Ordering/Categories tab. If you don’t already have ATDConnect in the Ordering list, click the button and select it from the list. It should now appear in the Ordering list.

Now you are ready to use it in Point of Sale.


Using the Integration

During the estimating process, you will get to the ATD/NTD integration as you do with other integrations – by selecting it in the Catalog dropdown box to the upper right of the vehicle information section.

When you enter the ATD/NTD integration, you will land on this screen. This integration will only find tires and wheels by size. ATD/NTD does not offer a fitment guide for integrated systems to use, only when going directly into their website will you have access to their fitment guide.

Here you have two choices:

You can use the system like this and enter the tire size manually

You can subscribe to our new Tire Fitment Integration, called Tire Size.


TireSize Integration

If you would like to use the StockTrac TireSize Integration, you will have access to a full Tire Fitment database to populate the new TireSize fields that are stored on the vehicle. These fields can then be passed into integrations that require a tire size, saving you time with each search.

**Note: If you currently subscribe to TireTrac (our full system with fitment and parts), you will automatically have access to the TireSize integration.

There are a few different ways to get the tire size stored on the vehicle. You can either:

Click on the TireSize button on the Vehicle information screen.

Click on Edit Vehicle, and go to the new Tire Size tab and click Lookup Size.

Or just go into the ATD integration and the Tire Size selection window will come up automatically – when selected, it will be stored on the vehicle back in the Vehicle information screen.

The price for the data use license for TireSize is $19.95/month (US dollars).



ATD/NTD Integration

Back to the ATD/NTD integration. Once there is a valid tire size connected with the vehicle through some process, this is the screen you will see. The tires that match that size are displayed for your selection.

Alternately, you can also Search by Part Number or you can select other Filtering Options to narrow the list.

On the display you will notice there are 4 columns for available quantities – the last one being your Shop On hand of that particular tire. In order for us to be able to display this, we need to know where those tires can be found in your inventory. (see Mapping Manufacturers section below)

Select the tires you are interested in by checking the box on the far left and making sure the quantity you want is correct. The Transfer / Transfer & Exit /Exit buttons in the upper right of the screen will allow you to send tires back to the estimate if you wish.

Once the tires are on the estimate, they can be ordered through a standard order by selecting the ATD/NTD vendor and the ATDConnect ordering type.

Mapping Manufacturers

In order for us to match up the parts that you are looking at in ATD/NTD with your inventory parts, we need to know where each of the manufacturers are in StockTrac.

Also, StockTrac has the ability to update the pricing of those parts to your ATD/NTD pricing if you wish. Additionally, if there are tire lines that you purchase that are not currently in your inventory file, you can use the ATD/NTD integration to install them. All of this is dependent on having the manufacturers in ATD/NTD matched to the StockTrac manufacturers.

To do the mapping, go into Point of Sale, and then select Setup, and then select Integrations. Go to the ATDConnect Manufacturers to set these up.

If you would like to either update the pricing on the parts you already have in your inventory file, or if you would like to add additional manufacturers to your inventory file, please call our support line for assistance.


Contact Janco Support at 800.782-5872 (US) or 800.323.5872 (Canada) with questions about this or any other procedure.


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