Adding a SmartPac to an Estimate

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Adding a SmartPac to an Estimate

Once a SmartPac has been created, it can be used on an estimate. To add a SmartPac to an estimate, go to the Items tab in an estimate. At the bottom of the screen you will see the SmartPac button.

Select this button, and a window will open allowing you to select which SmartPac you want to add to the estimate.

Once selected, you will be able to select HOW and what part(s) of a SmartPac you want to add to the estimate.

In the Parts section of the screen you will see check boxes next to each part. They are either listed as:

Add to Total (Part Amount): This indicates that you want to add the cost for this part to the cost of the SmartPac which increases the total cost overall.

Add to Total (Labor Amount): Same as above but adds to the overall total but increases the labor cost vs the parts cost.

Include?: Do you want to include this part in the SmartPac when you add it to the estimate.

Lastly, you will need to replace the Placeholder Item with the specific item that you will be using on this estimate. To do so, click on the Placeholder Item and then select Replace

You will be able to select whether you want to replace that Placeholder Item from a part from your inventory or from a part that you already have on the estimate

If you Lookup in Inventory, you will be prompted to look up the part via the part number

Once you have all the parts selected that you want to include on the ticket and how, click OK.

Once added, this is how it will appear on the ticket

Note: Screen captures taken from Stocktrac v3.4

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