Editing Disclaimer Text/Wording

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Editing Disclaimer Text/Wording

StockTrac gives you the ability to edit disclaimers that print at the bottom of Estimates, Invoices, Service Requests and Inspections.

To do this, you first need to go into the Configuration module.

From there, go to Shop – Documents & Printing – Disclaimers.  Next select the disclaimer for which document you wish to work on – Estimate, Invoice, Service Request, or Inspection.

Depending on what you select you will get a screen that looks like this.

You can then edit the information and then click OK. This will save any changes you made, and the new text will print on any future forms.

Note: Screenshots were taken from StockTrac v3.4

Contact Janco Support at 800.782-5872 (US) or 800.323.5872 (Canada) with questions about this or any other procedure.

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