Changing a Payment Type on an Invoice

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Changing a Payment Type on an Invoice

Occasionally, a shop will close a ticket and apply the wrong payment type to the estimate. This can be corrected in the Point-of-Sale module.

First you need to make sure the accounting date is set to the right date and that the day has not been closed. To get help determining this, contact our support department.

Next into Point-of-Sale.

Go to DocumentsChange Payment Method On Invoice.

In this window, select the invoice you want to make a change to and click OK

On this screen just select the New Payment Method from the drop down and click OK.

If the switch was successful you will see this notification

When you go back into the Invoice and look at the Entered Payments you should see the change in payment type.

BEFORE and AFTER screenshots:

NOTE: Screen Captures are form Stocktrac v3.4.

Contact Janco Support at 800.782-5872 (US) or 800.323.5872 (Canada) with questions about this or any other procedure.

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