Discounting a Job or an Entire Ticket

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Discounting a Job or an Entire Ticket



This article explains how to discount either a Job or an entire ticket. A pre-defined discount/promotion can be used or one can be created on-the-fly.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Point-of-Sale module. Open an estimate or invoice with parts on it.

Click on the Jobs tab.

Next select the Discount button near the bottom of the screen. This following information will display:


KB1004 B


Either choose a pre-defined Discount from the drop-down menu or create a new one. If you chose a pre-defined one, select it and click OK.

To create a new discount, enter the information as outlined below. Note that this is a one-time discount. To create a discount for use on more than one ticket, follow the instructions on How to Set Up a Pre-Defined Discount/Promotion.


Enter the information as follows:

Name Give this discount or promotion a name. This will display in the discount section of the ticket.
Type Choose either Percent, Dollar, Coupon or Exact Price.
Code Enter the code for this discount, if applicable. This code will be used on the Discount_Coupon report (Sales module –> Setup –> Report Setup –> Discount_Coupon).
Apply To Select whether this discount will apply to the Job or Invoice.
Discount Parts
Discount Labor
Discount Shop Supplies
For Discounts based on the Job or invoice, select whether or not to discount parts, labor, and supplies.
Apply Before Calculating Taxes Indicate if the discount should be applied before any taxes are calculated.
Percent/Amount Depending on the type of discount being created, specify either the percent of the discount or the dollar amount.


Click OK to save the discount and apply it to the Job.



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