Backing Up Your StockTrac® Data

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Backing Up Your StockTrac® Data



This article explains how to backup your StockTrac data to a flash (USB) drive. Note that you can also back your data up to another workstation or make a copy on your hard drive. We recommend using a USB drive for the backup, as this enables you to create copies of your data that you can store off-site.



The backup is done on the server (main) computer. You will need a flash drive for your backup.


Plug your flash drive into a USB port, and wait for a box to appear on your screen letting you know that the computer has recognized the flash drive. Make a note of the drive letter that your computer associated with the flash drive (it is “G” in this example).

Window Capture 1

Once you have noted the drive letter, you can use the “X” in the upper right-hand corner to close this window, as it does not need to be open during the backup process.


Double-click the Toolbox icon, which is located on your computer’s Desktop:

Window Capture 2


Type in the password that you use to open StockTrac. Click OK after entering the password.

Window Capture 3


Click on the Backup button located in the upper left corner of the Toolbox.

Window Capture a

Window Capture 4

Verify that the Copy to Folder 1: field shows the same drive letter as your computer assigned to your flash drive above. If this letter does not match, select the correct drive by clicking on the folder symbol to the far right of that field and searching for the correct drive.

When the drive letters match, click the Run box to start the backup.

Once the backup has completed, click Close to exit out of the backup program. Exit out of Toolbox, and remove the flash drive from your USB port.

Be sure to store your flash drive in a safe location. In addition, we recommend alternating flash drives and always keeping a copy of your data off-site.




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