Entering a Transfer Invoice

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Entering a Transfer Invoice



This article describes how to enter a Transfer Invoice, which is primarily used when transferring parts between two shops. This type of invoice can be used two ways:

  1. To transfer parts FROM a shop, when you are the receiver of the parts being transferred. This will add the parts into your inventory quantity automatically.
  2. To transfer parts TO another shop – This will deduct your inventory quantity automatically.

Before proceeding, make certain that the shop you are doing the transfer with is set up as an Accounts Receivable (charge) customer in your system. For more information, see this link.



  • From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Point-of-Sale module.
  • Click the New Ticket button.
  • Locate the customer by searching, by typing in the account number, or by scrolling down the list of customers.  When the Vehicle Lookup screen display, click Cancel.
  • Go to the Items tab, and add the item(s) as normal by clicking on the Add Part button. Go to the Finish tab.
  • On the Finish tab, choose Charge as the Payment Type and Apply that amount.


Region Capture a

Next click the Transfer button near the top of the screen (as shown above). This screen will display:


Region Capture b


Enter the information as follows:

  • Transfer – select either “From” or “To”
  • Shop – select which shop is involved
  • Transfer At – choose Current Pricing, Cost, Cost + Percent, No Charge or Cost + Core.
  • Transfer Labor – indicate whether or not you want to transfer labor

Once the above information is entered, click OK. You will then finish/print the invoice.




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