Adding/Changing a Shop Supply Charge

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Adding/Changing a Shop Supply Charge



The Shop Supplies option provides the ability to charge the customer for shop supplies on each ticket.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Configuration module.  Click System and then Shop Supplies. The following screen will display:


KB1002 A


Printed Description The description that will appear on the customer invoice. Note that this description may be determined by state/provincial or local regulations.
Report in Sale Code This determines what Sale Code to use to accumulate the sales dollars for Shop Supplies. NOTE: If desired, a new sale code can be added just for Shop Supplies, instead of just using a miscellaneous Sale Code. This would make it easier to identify shop supplies on reports. (Sale Codes can be added in Configuration à System à Sale Codes.)
Maximum Shop Supplies Total Charge This is the maximum amount of shop supplies that can be calculated for an invoice.
Sale Code This shows all the sale codes that have been added through Configuration à System à Sale Codes. 
Description This is the description of the sale code.
Supplies % This is the percent of the ticket that will be charged for shop supplies.
Include Parts/Include Labor Check these boxes to include the price of parts and/or labor when figuring the Shop Supplies amount.
Min Charge This is the minimum amount that will be charged to the customer for Shop Supplies, regardless of the amount of the invoice. This will be overridden by the Minimum Invoice Amount (where is this at??). For example, if a customer’s invoice is $20.00, it falls below the $25 and the $2.50 will not be charged. THIS MAKES NO SENSE
Max Charge This is the maximum amount that will be charged to the customer for shop supplies, regardless of the Supplies % field.

Once the above information is entered, click OK to save your changes.




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