Setting Up a Charge Customer

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Setting Up a Charge Customer



This article describes how to set up a charge customer. These directions assume the customer has already been set up.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Customers module.  (Note that customers can also be accessed in the Point-of-Sale and Accounts Receivable modules.)

Once in Customers, click the Edit Customers button or go to Customers, Edit/View. The following screen will display:


KB1011 A

Retrieve a customer by using any of the Find criteria. Highlight the customer and click Edit Customer (or double-click on the customer). The following screen will display.


KB1011 B


Select the Edit A/R button as shown above. The following screen will display:


KB1011 C


Enter the information as follows:


Account Number Enter an account number for this customer, consisting of up to 12 alphanumeric characters (a combination of letters and numbers).  This is a required field. HINT: Be consistent about how these numbers are created. For example, use a combination of their first and last name or a phone number. This makes it easier to locate the customer in Point-of-Sale.
Credit Limit This is the maximum amount the customer can owe at a given time. In Configuration, Custom Settings you specify if the A/R Credit Limit warning is disabled, enabled and everyone can override it, or enabled an only Level 1 security users can override.
Credit Terms Select the terms associated with this customer. Note that this list is pre-defined and cannot be edited.
Blanket PO # If the customer will use the same Purchase Order number for all services, enter that number here. Some customers do this; others require that each ticket be assigned a specific Purchase Order number in Point-of-Sale. NOTE: You are prompted for a PO Number when a customer pays with the payment type of “Charge”.
Credit Hold Check this box to place the customer on credit hold. This could be due to having a past due balance, being over their credit limit, etc. If this box is checked, a warning will display in Point-of-Sale when you try to save an Estimate for the customer. In addition, the payment type of “Charge” will no longer be available for the customer when entering their payments.
No Statement If this box is checked, a statement will not be generated for this customer each statement period.  Reasons for doing this could be that the customer has a credit balance or a small balance that doesn’t warrant a statement.
Finance Charges By default, this box is checked. When checked, the customer will be charged interest on their unpaid balance each month. If unchecked, the customer’s statement will show their unpaid balance and current charges, but it will not show a finance charge.
Inactive Account Check this box if the customer no longer has an unpaid balance, has moved from the area, or is no longer in business. Once they are marked as inactive, they will no longer be able to use a payment type of “charge” in Point-of-Sale.
E-Mail Statements Click this box to have the customer’s statements e-mailed to them. If this is checked, paper statements will not be generated.  You can specify to use the Customer’s default e-mail address or enter an alternate one.
Contact This optional field can contain the name of the individual or department responsible for the payment of the statements each month. For example, for a commercial account, this is normally the accountant or the Accounts Payable department.
Billing Name This will default to the customer’s name. If you would like another name to appear on statements, reports, etc., enter that name here.


Click OK to save the A/R Setup, and then click OK to save the customer and then Done.







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