Setting Up a Billing Center

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Setting Up a Billing Center



This document explains how to set up a Billing Center, which is a way to bill a third party on an invoice. In this example, the customer will be added, as they are not yet in the system.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Point-of-Sale module.

From the Point-of-Sale main menu, click New Ticket. Next click New on the Customer Lookup Screen. The following screen will display:

KB1010 A

Type in the person or company’s name, address, phone and other pertinent information. Set the Customer Type field to “Billing Center”.  Click OK when finished, and then click Cancel when it prompts for the selection of a vehicle.

Next go back in and edit that customer. Click Edit Customer and locate the customer you just added. Double click to display the customer information. The following screen will display:

KB1010 B

Click on the Edit A/R button. You will see the following screen:

KB1010 C

Enter an Account # for this customer, using up to 12 alphanumeric characters (a combination of letters and numbers).  This is a required field. HINT: Be consistent about how these numbers are created. For example, use a combination of their first and last name or a phone number. This makes it easier to locate the customer in Point-of-Sale.

Enter any other information that is applicable and click OK twice.

Next press Cancel on the far right of the screen. This will close the estimate without saving it.


So now that the Billing Center has been entered, add the customer that is actually getting the work done. Enter the name, address, phone and vehicle information, and finish the estimate.

Next turn the estimate into an invoice. Click on the Finish Tab on the estimate. The following screen will display:

KB1010 D

In the Payment Detail section, click on the down arrow next to Method, and select Other Billing. The screen will look something like this:

KB1010 E

Enter the amount that is being billed to the third party, or press the Balance button if you are billing the entire amount.

Click the down arrow next to Bill To, and you will see all customers set up as Billing Centers. Select the customer you just added as a Billing Center.

Fill in other fields as desired, such as Unit #, Card #, Auth # and PO #.

Click Apply, and then click on Print Invoice and follow the prompts.



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