Customer Rewards Program Overview

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Customer Rewards Program Overview



The Customer Rewards Program in StockTrac® will allow your customers to earn reward dollars based on the amount of business they do with you. They can then redeem the rewards as payment for future invoices.


Step 1: Turn On and Configure the Rewards Program

To turn on the rewards program, go into the Configuration Module. Next click Shop, and then Customer Rewards.



The following screen will display:


Enter the information as follows:

Use Rewards Program Check this box to enable the rewards program for your shop.
Exclude Labor Click this box if you do not want rewards to accumulate on labor.
Exclude Shop Supplies Check this option if you want to exclude shop supplies from accumulating rewards.
May Be Used to Pay Sales Tax Clicking this box will allow customers to use their rewards to pay for sales tax.
Report In Sale Code Select a Sale Code that you want the (negative) dollar amounts to accumulate in when they are redeemed.
Invoice $ Up To/Rewards % This table will allow you to define the percentages you want to reward for various dollar ranges.


Now that the Rewards Program is enabled and the parameters set up, you can turn it on for specific customers.


Step 2: Enabling the Rewards Program for Customers and Checking Their Rewards Balance

To turn on the rewards program for a customer, pull up the customer through either the Point-of-Sale, Customers, or Accounts Receivable modules.


Click the box labeled Rewards Program Member as shown above on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

Once the customer has been set up to earn rewards, you can return to this screen and click the Rewards button shown above. A box will then display showing you the Earned, Used and Remaining rewards dollars for the customer.

After the customer has accumulated rewards, you can use them in Point-of-Sale during invoicing time.


Step 3: Redeeming Customer Rewards

When you are at the point of finishing an invoice for that customer, you can click on the looking glass in the Customer Rewards box to see how much they have available. The box below will appear and you can either type in a specific amount to apply or you can click the Red Arrow which will apply everything.



After applying the desired rewards, the total information on the right side of the Finish screen (see left image below) will show you an additional line with a Rewards amount. The printed invoice (shown on the right image below) will show Redeemed Rewards.






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