MyFleetCenter Overview

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MyFleetCenter Overview


To turn on MyFleetCenter, you need to be on StockTrac® Enterprise version 3.1.2 or later (your version number can be found in the bottom right-hand corner of the Main Menu Screen).

To turn the feature on, you will need to be have the Integration Subscription. Please contact our Support Department for assistance if you are not yet subscribed.


Step 1: Set Up an Account in Accounts Receivable

First, we will need to set up an account in Accounts Receivable that will collect all of our MyFleetCenter charges as a Billing Center. From the Main Menu, go into the Accounts Receivable module.

Click on the Edit Customer Button. Click on the New Button on the next screen to add a new “customer”.

Fill in a minimum of the information highlighted on the next page. Enter a Last Name, set the Customer Type to Billing Center, enter a Phone Number and an Account #. This is your internal account to help manage what has gone to MyFleetCenter. The information you enter and account number you choose is up to you.


Step 2: Turn on MyFleetCenter

Now we are ready to turn it on. In the Configuration module, you will need to go to Shop, Integrations, Miscellaneous, and then MyFleetCenter.

You will be taken to MyFleetCenter Setup, and this screen will display.

Check the box to EnableMyFleetCenter. Fill in your Store Number from MyFleetCenter, and make sure that the Base URL: shows what you see on the above screen. Finally, select the A/R account that you set up in the previous step for Billing Center for Charges. Click OK to save the changes.


Step 3: Import YourMyFleetCenter Customers

This information will come from a list that MyFleetCenter has prepared for your shop specifically. Go into the Sales Module and select Fleet and Import MyFleetCenter Customers.

If any new customers are found for your shop, this screen will appear.

The top screen will show the first account we have hit. The bottom part of the screen will find the closest match to this customer in your customer data file. Your options are then to Match With This Customer, Create New Fleet Customer, Skip (this customer), or Cancel (the operation).

If you skip on a Fleet Customer, you can come back later and run this again. They will keep reappearing in the list until you do something else with them.

This is the “on demand” way to grab these customers. This operation will also fire off when you are closing your day in case you want to just deal with the new ones each day as you close. If you choose to bypass that, you can hit Cancel and go back and do it through Sales at a later time.

So now we have it turned on, our billing center account set up, and some Fleet customers in our system.

Let’s do a transaction.


Step 4: Entering a FleetCenter transaction

Go into Point of Sale, and start a new ticket. You now see the CheckBox labelled “MyFleetCenter Fleets Only” that appears on the Customer Lookup screen.

By checking that box, you will only see customers that are valid MyFleetCenter customers. Select one, and then select the vehicle as you normally would.

You will now see the following screen.

This is where you will enter the information for that Fleet Customer and the specific vehicle they have brought into your shop. Each box outlined in Red indicates a field that needs to have some type of output before you will be able to finish the invoice. You can enter it at any time during the invoicing process, but you will not be able to print until it is complete.

If there are any specific rules for this Fleet, regarding authorizations, information needed, etc., it will appear in the Fleet Rules Box on this screen. It is up to you to ensure that these requirements are met.

After you have entered the information you know at this point, click on Ok and continue on creating your invoice as you wish. At this point, the invoicing process is the same as a standard invoice.

At any time in this process, if you wish to enter more of the Fleet Information, you can click on the Fleet button on the top toolbar to bring this window back up.

When you are done with the invoice and are ready to enter the payment method, you can bill it to the MyFleetCenter account by selecting MyFleetCenter from the payment type list. You can also select other payment methods as needed if the customer is paying cash, check, etc.

As a shortcut, if you are just going to let the charge go to the Billing Center, you can click on Print Invoice at this point, and it will automatically assign that so you do not have to select and apply the payment method. You will see this message as a confirmation – click Yes if ok.

Before it prints, you will see the Fleet Information screen one more time to ensure that everything has been entered correctly. The check box should default to Send to MyFleetCenter so the transaction gets submitted automatically. You can uncheck that box if for some reason you do not want to transmit the invoice. Click OK. Answer the other messages you will normally see when finishing an invoice, and then you will see a final message saying that the invoice is being transmitted.

You have now completed your MyFleetCenter Invoice.





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