Mapping Epicor LaserCat 2.0 to StockTrac®

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Mapping Epicor LaserCat 2.0 to StockTrac®


These instructions are for mapping Goodyear and Dunlop tire catalogues in Epicor to the Goodyear Tire parts in StockTrac®. This assumes the Goodyear Tire parts file containing the Goodyear and Dunlop tire part numbers has been installed in the StockTrac® Inventory module through the Pricing module. If not, install those parts before proceeding.

Mapping is a two-step process. Part one is the selection of the catalogues in Epicor; part two is mapping the selected catalogues to the inventory files using StockTrac® Point-Of Sale Integrations for LaserCat manufacturers.


Part 1: Selection of the catalogues in Epicor

From the Point-of-Sale module, click on Phone Quote and then select the Epicor LaserCat catalogue and then click OK.

When the Epicor LaserCat catalogue opens it will open to the Parts & Labour Lookup.

Click Cancel, to gain access to the Epicor LaserCat header options.

Select / Click Setup and then System options.

From Setup System Options, select Tire Coverages. The coverage list should already be set as Midas_Tires which includes the default mapping used for Bridgestone, Firestone, and Fuzion tires.

In the “Find Manuf.:” window type in Goodyear to take you to the Epicor Goodyear Tire catalogues.

With your cursor on Goodyear Tire as shown above, select Edit Manufacturers Coverages. Since we will add all of the Goodyear Tire catalogues, select Add All. You will notice the default Preference (Pref) for display order is Y5. Since Bridgestone is currently Y1, Firestone Y2, and Fuzion is Y3, let’s set Goodyear as display order preference Y4 and later when we select the Dunlop catalogues we will set them as Y5.

To Change the display preference from Y5 to Y4, select Edit All. Here you will select the preference as Pre. #4. You will need to manually type the Yours (Your Code) as GOO and click OK to save the change

Now the display preference for the Goodyear Tire catalogues is Y4

Click OK

Next; In the “Find Manuf.:” window type in Dunlop to take you to the Epicor Dunlop catalogues.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 above using Dunlop instead of Goodyear Tires and leave the display preference as the Y5 default Preference. The Yours (Your Code) should be DLP.

Click OK all the way out of the module to save the changes.



Part Two: Mapping selected Epicor Catalogues to the inventory files using StockTrac® Point-Of-Sale integrations for LaserCat manufacturers.

From the Point-Of-Sale module, click on Setup, then Integrations, and then LaserCat Manufacturers.

To ensure the Goodyear Tire catalogues selected in Epicor appear in the LaserCat Manufacturer Crossover table, click Update MCL mappings. Now Scroll down the left section of the LaserCat Manufacturer Crossover table until you reach the Goodyear Tire catalogues we selected earlier in Epicor.

Since there are many Goodyear Tire catalogues to map, we will process them as a group. You could do each one separately but his documentation is to do them as a group. Place your cursor in the StockTrac Manufacturer column next to the 1st Goodyear catalogue listed. Now press and hold the shift key on your key board and scroll down to the last of the Goodyear Tire catalogues.

With all the Goodyear Tire catalogues selected, click the StockTrac Manufacturer button and when that window opens scroll down to pick your Goodyear Tires inventory file. Next, click OK!

One last time, select Update MCL Mappings and then click OK.

Repeat steps 15 through 18 for the LaserCat Dunlop catalogues. Since the Goodyear Tire inventory file contains both Goodyear and Dunlop part numbers, you will map the Dunlop LaserCat catalogues to the Goodyear Tire category.

Click OK all the way out of the module to save the settings.

It should also be noted that the Midas_Tires.tcl needs to be attached to a vendor in Vendor Tracking. In the screen shot on the previous page, note that Midas_Tires.tcl is attached to the BATO vendor. If the Midas_Tires.tcl displays a blank vendor on your system, you will want to open Vendor Tracking, go to the Vendors Tab, choose a vendor (edit vendor), navigate to the ordering categories tab, and choose the Midas_Tires.tcl in the space reserved in the lower left corner.





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