QuickNote® SMS Text Messaging Order Form – US Customers

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StockTrac® ENTERPRISE and QuickNote® SMS Text Messaging will give you the ability to text your customers at any point in the estimating and invoicing process. You will get a unique phone number assigned to you that will show on your customer’s phone when you text them.

For US Customers, the cost is only $10.99 per month plus $.01 per text message. Click on the link below to display the PDF of the order form. You can then print it or save it to your system. (For the Canadian order form, click here.)

Fill out the form and fax it to Janco at 231-941-8088. If you have any questions, please call Janco Support at (800) 782-5872 (US) or (800) 323-5872 (Canada). Note that this feature is available in version 3.2 and later of StockTrac®.


pdficon_large SMS Text Messaging Order Form – US


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