QuickNote® SMS Text Messaging Set Up

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QuickNote® SMS Text Messaging Set Up


StockTrac® Enterprise will allow you to send your customers text messages in regards to the status of their vehicles. The text messages can be sent anytime during the estimating and invoicing process. This document will explain the prerequisites and procedures involved in getting this feature working on your system. Note that this feature is available in version 3.1 and later of StockTrac®.



To use QuickNote® SMS Text Messaging, the following must be true:

Once everything above is in place, you are ready to set up SMS text messaging.


Step 1: Enable the SMS Text Messaging Integration

Once you have purchased your message pack and have your username and password, you need to get the integration enabled. You can do this yourself or contact our support department for assistance.

To enable the integration, go to the Configuration module. Next click Shop, Integrations, Miscellaneous and then SMS Text Messaging as shown below:

The following screen will display:

This document assumes you are using SMS Notify, as it is our preferred SMS Gateway. If you are not, contact our support department for assistance.

Enter the following information:

Enable SMS Click this button to enable the SMS Test Messaging integration
SMS Gateway Select “SMS Notify!”
License Key Enter the license key you received when signing up with SMS Notify

Once you have entered the above information, click OK to save your changes.

You are now ready to set up your text message template.


Step 2: Set Up Your Text Message Templates

To set up the messages that you will be texting your customers, go to the Point-of-Sale module. Click on Setup, and then Text Message Templates as shown in the following screen:

Click on Add to enter a new template.

Give the template a name (which shows up when selecting what text you want to send the customer) and then begin to enter the text you want to send. Notice that you can enter fields in the template that will be replaced with the actual information from the customer. You can get this list by clicking the Add Field button when your cursor is where you want to insert the information.

Keep your messages as short as possible. The maximum number of characters allowed in the text varies by country:

United States Text must be 160 characters or less
Canada Text must be 130 characters or less

After you have defined your templates, you will need to set up which Estimate Statuses will prompt you for SMS text messaging.


Step 3: Assigning Text Templates to Estimate Statuses

Next go into the Estimate Statuses and define which statuses you want to automatically trigger a SMS Text Message. While in the Point-of-Sale module, go to Setup and then Estimate Status.

Check the Send SMS Prompt box for those statuses where you want to be able to send a message. You can also select a default text profile to come up with that status if you wish (as shown above).

Click OK to save your changes. You are now ready to send text messages.


Automatically Generated Text Messages

Since we set up the Estimate status in the previous step to automatically generate a text message, from now on when you save an estimate with either the “estimate” or “completed” status, the following screen will pop up automatically:

The phone number will default to the first cell phone number on file for the customer. If the customer does not have a cell phone on file, the “Other” phone button will be checked, allowing you to specify a cell phone at this time. You can always pick a different one of the customer’s phone numbers or enter a new number regardless of what the program defaults to.

If you have flagged a specific estimate status to have the SMS prompt appear, but do not select a default template, you will be brought to the same screen but will need to pick a template or type in your own message.

When you are ready to send the text message, click the Send button. You will get a message stating the message has been sent.

All text messages sent to the customer regarding this estimate will also be shown in the Sent Messages column as shown below:


Manually Initiating a Text Message and Viewing Text Message History

As discussed previously, you can send a SMS Text Message to a customer at any point during the Estimating and Invoicing process. To do so, open the estimate for the customer and click on the “More Options…” button on the right-hand side of the estimating screen. Next click on Text Messaging.

You will then see the same screen you saw when sending an automatic text message:

On the left-hand side of the screen you will see the SMS Text Message history for this estimate. On the right-hand side of the screen you will be able to send a text message either by using a pre-defined template or typing in the text of your choice.


Example of What the Customer Will See

Here is an example of what the customer may see when they receive a text message from your shop:



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