Vehicle Look Up in StockTrac 3.2

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Vehicle Look Up in StockTrac Enterprise 3.2


In version 3.2, the vehicle look up has changed to support the new Automotive Aftermarket ACES vehicle standards. These are the Enhanced Standards for vehicle identification that all of our integration partners use to pass vehicle information back and forth.

Because of the size of the database with all the additional attributes available, we are storing this data on our Webserver for you to access through your internet connection. The bonus is that we are updating it monthly so you will always have current vehicle information!

However, we all know that we can have problems with internet access from time to time. So to alleviate that, we have set it up so that you have the basic year, make, and model files stored on your local computer. This will allow you to still be able to add a vehicle to an estimate for a customer even if you have lost your internet connection temporarily. Here is how it would appear.

You would see the “Failed to connect to Janco Web Server” notice in the Sub-Model & Engine section.

At this point, go ahead and select your year, make, and model and click on the OK button.

You will see that you have some of the vehicle information filled in and the Non Standard Vehicle box is checked. This just means that we do not have our ACES number assigned to this vehicle at this time. You can still enter the information on the right side of the screen as you normally can.

Click on OK and continue with building your estimate.

Later, when your internet connection is restored, simply go back to that estimate and click on the Edit Vehicle button and get back to your vehicle selection screen. Hit the Select Vehicle button, and continue to select the additional information for that vehicle.

Click on OK and now you will see that the Non-Standard Vehicle is no longer checked which means we have all the information for that vehicle.

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