StockTrac® to Comdata Process for National Fleet (Midas)

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StockTrac® to Comdata Process for National Fleet (Midas)



This article provides step-by-step instructions on the interface from StockTrac® ENTERPRISE to Comdata for National Fleet.



1.  Start all fleet transactions in StockTrac® Point-of-Sale by using the yellow Fleet button.

2.  From the Lookup Fleet button Select National Fleet Management Account.

3.  Find the National Fleet Management Company. You can search by Account Number or Company Name

Once you find the National Fleet Management Company, a Select Lookup Method popup screen will give you a short cut option to immediately lookup the client’s vehicle by VIN or plate number. Selecting no will take you to the Find Driver’s Company / the FMC Client.

 4.  Find Driver’s Company. You can search by Company name or other search options.

Add the Drivers Company, if it is not in the database (New Fleet button).

 5.  Find Fleet Vehicle. You can search by VIN, or Plate.

Select the vehicle based on the VIN or Plate, and select OK.

If vehicle is not listed in the database, add the Fleet Vehicle (New Vehicle button).

 6.  Use the Initialize button to initialize a fleet work order.

You will be prompted by a pop-up box containing the Required Fleet Information fields to be completed. These fields will always require you to enter the Purchase Order # from the Fleet Management Company and the Drivers Fleet Services Card Number. You can proceed without initially completing the Required Field information, but the field values all need to be populated before you will be able to authorize the fleet work order to complete the job.

You will also be prompted by a Service Alert pop-up box. This Service Alert reminds you to obtain authorization from the National Fleet account prior to servicing the vehicle. Purchase Order # is needed for any work in excess of the dollar limit on the Drivers fleet services card. Don’t start any work before obtaining authorization from the Fleet Management Company, if the value of the work exceeds the limit on the Drivers fleet services card. If the value of the work is less than the limit on the Drivers fleet services card, enter the Drivers fleet services card number as the PO# in the required field.

 7.  After initializing the work order you will notice the Fleet Invoice Status screen displays the Invoice Status as Incomplete and a Fleet WO# has been assigned. You now have access to a number of options/buttons:

The OK button will transfer the fleet work order to Enterprise POS estimate. Complete the estimate like normal and when you are ready to Print Invoice you will be automatically taken back into the Fleet site to get authorization. If you have completed the required information fields (6. a.), you will get authorization. If not you will get an error, complete all required fields. Once you get authorization, OK will take you back out to Enterprise POS where you can select pay and print the invoice like normal in Enterprise POS. The transaction is billed to the Billing Centre. All completed Comdata/Enterprise fleet transactions are transmitted immediately to the fleetteam website.

The Vehicle History button will take you to the Fleet Vehicle History screen. You can view the prior repairs and maintenance performed on the vehicle and which Midas shop performed the service.

The Required Info button will display the Required Fleet Information fields that must be completed before you can Authorize the work order in Comdata to compete the fleet transaction.

The Services button gives you access to the Fleet SmartPacs menu of services by clicking the Select Service button. If you have set these up, priced them, and know how to use Enterprise Placeholders, select the Fleet SmartPac you wish to use. Otherwise, cancel out of this area and use the Enterprise POS products and services tools you use for retail customers for fleet customers.

The Cancel button cancels the fleet transaction for the open Fleet WO# you initialized for the vehicle. This will leave an open estimate on the Enterprise POS side in the Daily Work Log under Today’s Estimates. You can reselect that estimate and go back in through the yellow fleet button to reinitialize another Fleet WO#. You normally don’t need to use the Cancel button unless a fleet estimate has been open for a long time and when you try to authorize it you get an error or communication error message.

Note: All completed Enterprise/Comdata fleet transactions are transmitted electronically immediately to the fleetteam website.

Reverse National Fleet Transaction

Completed National Fleet transaction invoices can be reversed in Enterprise POS and re-invoiced. This may be necessary if the wrong PO# / Authorization Number for the job from the Fleet Management Company was used or if the initial transaction contained errors. As with completed Enterprise fleet invoices, the reversed invoice is also displayed in the Fleetteam website as a closed transaction.

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