Warranty Issuing and Redemption

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Warranty Issuing and Redemption



We have two ways of issuing warranties on parts in StockTrac® Enterprise. You can have the system generate a warranty number for you or you can enter a warranty number for a part. In order for a part to be seen as a warranty item, it needs to have a warranty number associated with it.

You may have one or two lines of parts that you have specific warranty cards for. You would set up the product code for those lines to enter warranty numbers. For other parts that you warranty just as a business practice, you can have the system assign a number for you. This number will begin with “Z” and will be incremented by one each time another one is issued.

**Note – if you are setting up a line to prompt you to enter warranty numbers, it will not prompt you if the part is marked as an outside purchase.



To set this up, go into Configuration and click on the Product Codes button. Highlight the product code that you want to set the warranty terms on. First make your selection for Warranty Term for that product line. Once a warranty term is set, the options box below will enable and the Track Warranty Numbers box will be checked.

If you would like to be able to enter the original warranty information when redeeming a warranty (selling a part as a guaranteed replacement), then check the next box labeled “Prompt for original install info upon redemption”.

For the lines that you choose to have automatic sequential warranty numbers assigned to parts, you would use the Auto-generate warranty numbers option. This can be setup to generate numbers for all parts (set as warrantyable) or just for your buyouts.

If you would like to enter warranty numbers for your on hand parts and auto-generate them for your outside purchase parts, you would select Buyouts Only.


Entering the Warranty Numbers

Below is an example showing how both warranty numbers print on the invoice. The first part, UCD-154, was set to enter the warranty number. The second part, AXCD1004, was set to automatically generate a warranty number.

During the invoicing process, you can click on the Warranty button at any time to enter your warranty information.

You can also set the system up to require the warranty information to be entered at different points along the way in the Job Status Requirements screen. If that is set, it will also prompt you for the information at the appropriate times.


Redeeming Warranties

Once a part is sold on an invoice and flagged as a warranty part, you have the ability to retire the warranty when it is redeemed for a new part. You would place the replacement part on the customer’s invoice as a Sale Type of Guaranteed Replacement. This will force the selling price to 0.00.

Now, when you are prompted to enter the warranty information, you will see (if you have checked the box in Configuration to Prompt for Original Install info upon redemption) this screen below.  Select the Invoice that the original part was sold on.

The boxes are automatically filled in after selecting the original invoice information.

Once that invoice is finished, the original warranty is now marked as Redeemed and the new part sold is listed as a new warranty item.

If you choose the Redeemed item as an original installation again, you will receive the following prompt to alert you to the fact it has already been redeemed.

The new Warranty Redemption report will show you the information for the parts that were redeemed for any selected time period. (coming soon)



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