Changing to a Different Security Level

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Changing to a Different Security Level



StockTrac® ENTERPRISE offers a wide array of security settings to protect your information from unauthorized access. The menu security option will enable you to use 5 different security levels, 1 being the highest and 5 being the lowest. Setting security is important because StockTrac® is capable of much more than just invoicing customers out. As a shop owner you are able to go through the system and setup different security levels for each module or certain reports within those modules.

A common scenario may include:

Level 1 – Owner
Level 2 – Manager
Level 3 – Counter Person
Level 4 – Tech
Level 5 – Someone that needs access to one or two functions only



From the main StockTrac® ENTERPRISE screen, click on File, then Change Security Level.  Note: You can also click on the word “Level” at the bottom of the main menu screen.

Window Capture 1

The Enter Password screen will display:

Window Capture 2

Enter the Password for the security level you want to change to, and then click OK.



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