Combining Customers

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Combining Customers



This article will walk you through combining information for two different customers in your customer database. Perhaps the reasoning is that a couple got married and you want to combine their information or just that someone is part of a different household now and you want to see all their vehicles together.



From the main StockTrac® ENTERPRISE main menu, go into the Customers module.

Select Utilities, Combine Customers, Manual to combine two customers.

Window Capture 1

The following screen will display.

Window Capture 2

Notice the two magnifying glass buttons. That is what you will be clicking on to find your customers.

Click on the magnifying glass on the left side of the screen.

Window Capture 3

You will then see a listing of your customers. Notice the . You can click on the down arrow to change your type of search. There are three types of searches:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Phone
  • First Name, Last Name

In our example we will be searching by Last Name, First Name. Type in the person’s last name and part of their first name in the boxes provided.

Window Capture 4

We want to combine Brad Adams and Cheryl Martinez as they recently got married. Type in Adams in the Last Name box and Br in the First box.

Notice how it brings up the list of Adams in the file. Highlight the person that you want and click OK.

Notice now how it puts Brad’s information on the left hand side.

Window Capture 5

Now we want to bring up Cheryl’s information. Click on the magnifying glass on the right hand side. Again, we are going to search by Last Name, First Name. Once you find the person you want, highlight the name and click OK.

Window Capture 6

Notice the menu in the middle of the screen. Those are the options you can choose from. You can either combine the person on the right side to the person on the left side, or vice versa. For instance, if Brad moved in with Cheryl, you will want to press the Combine With button that points towards Cheryl. If Cheryl moved in with Brad, you will want to press the Combine With button that points towards Brad.

Window Capture 7

It will then quickly combine all their estimates, invoices, vehicles, and all other information into one.

It will delete the old customer and leave the new one. Press OK after the combining process and then press Done at the bottom of the screen.

The Add As Family Member options leave two separate customers but they will be related so they will share the same address, phones, and vehicles. The process works the same as described above for the Combine With options.


The option Combine Customers/Automatic refers to an automatic combining of customers that have the same First Name, the same Last Name, and the same Street 1.

Window Capture 8

When taking this option you will see the following screen:

Window Capture 9

Click the Combine button to start the process. Once complete, the screen showing a summary of what was done will display:

Window Capture 10

Press OK to exit the program.



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