Setting Up Referrals

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Setting Up Referrals



Referrals can be used to keep track of different types of customers or see how your customers were referred to you. This article describes how to set up the referrals. Once set up, the referrals can be applied to specific invoices, and then searches and reports can be run based on that information.



From the main StockTrac® menu, go into the Configuration module. Click on the Shop pull-down menu, and then Referrals.

Window Capture 1


The following screen will display:

Window Capture 2


Click the Add button to add a new code. The referral entry screen will display:

Window Capture 3

Give the referral a name and click the OK button to save it.


Referrals can also be edited and deleted. In addition, there is an Advanced button. Click that and the following screen will display:

Window Capture 4

As the screen states, this option will change all occurrences of one referral to another.



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