Taking a Deposit on an Invoice and Applying It Once the Customer Picks Up the Finished Vehicle

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Taking a Deposit on an Invoice and Applying It Once the Customer Picks Up the Finished Vehicle



This article explains how to take a deposit on an invoice and then how to apply that deposit once the customer picks up the finished vehicle. This article assumes that an estimate for the job has already been created.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Point-of-Sale module. Retrieve the estimate that pertains to this customer either by going into the Today’s Estimates tab or the All Estimates tab. After the estimate is selected, click the More Options… button on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on Take Deposit.


The following screen will display:

KB1006 A

  • Select the Salesperson from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Payment Method under “Payment Detail”.
  • In the Amount field, type in the dollar amount of the deposit. If they are paying the full amount, press the Balance button. The screen will display as follows:

\KB1006 B

  • Click the Apply button.
  • If the deposit is Non Refundable, leave the box checked; otherwise, uncheck the box.
  • Click Print & Save and then Yes when the system says to prepare the invoice printer.

Once the customer comes back in to pick up their vehicle and pay any remaining dollar amount, you will retrieve this same estimate again.

  • Pull up the customer’s estimate in Point-of-Sale.
  • Go to the Finish tab.
  • The Payment Detail section is on the left-hand size of the screen.
  • Click the Method drop-down box and select Deposit.
  • A list of all deposits from this customer will display. Highlight the deposit that applies to this estimate and click OK.
  • The deposit amount will now show in the Amount field. Click Apply to link the deposit to this estimate.
  • If there is still a remaining balance, choose the method of payment of the balance due and again click Apply.
  • Choose Print Invoice to finish the invoice.



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