Discounting a Specific Item on a Ticket

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Discounting a Specific Item on a Ticket



This article explains how to discount a specific item on a Point-of-Sale ticket. It assumes that the customer’s name, address and other information have already been entered on the ticket and that the item you want to discount has already been entered.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Point-of-Sale module. Open an estimate or invoice. Click on the Items tab, and then double click on the item you want to discount. The following screen will display:


KB1005 B


In the Discount field, you have three options:

Percent Choose this option, and a field will display asking you to specify a percentage to discount the item by.
Dollar Select this option to discount the item by a specific dollar amount, and then enter the dollar amount in the field that displays.
Pre-Defined Select this option to choose one of your pre-defined discounts. For more information, see Setting Up a Pre-Defined Discount/Promotion.

Click OK to save the discount information and apply it to the Item.




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