Emailing Statements to Charge Customers

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Emailing Statements to Charge Customers



This document will explain how to set up charge (Accounts Receivable) customers to receive statements via email, rather than in printed form.


Setting Up the Customer to Receive Statements Via Email

Go into the Accounts Receivable module.


Click on the Edit Customer button to view the list of A/R customers.


Locate the desired customer and click OK.


Enter the customer’s email address, and check the box to email statements. Choose whether to use the customer’s main email or enter an alternate one. Click OK to save the changes.


Emailing a Statement to a Single Customer


While in Accounts Receivable, go to Reports, Email Single Statement.


Highlight the appropriate customer and click OK.


Select the format for the statement, and enter up to two message lines.
Click OK.


The above message will display when the statement has been emailed.

The statement will be sent as a PDF attachment to the email. The customer will need a PDF reader (such as Adobe Acrobat) installed on their computer to view the information.  Below is an example of a statement:



Emailing Statements to all Customers


To email statements to all customers that you have set up to receive email statements, go to Accounts ReceivableReportsEmail All Statements.


Select the format for the statements, and enter up to two message lines. Choose whether or not to email statements to customers with a zero or negative balance. Click OK.


The screen above lists how many statements were successfully sent and if any emails failed. It will also show the path to a log file containing more detailed information. Make note of the file, and click OK to continue.


Next the program will ask if paid transactions are to be cleared. Note that this will clear all paid transactions for all A/R (Charge) customers, regardless if their statements are emailed or printed. Be sure the paper statements have been printed for the month before selecting Yes above.






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