Emailing Your Customers

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Emailing Your Customers



There are several reasons to keep in touch with customers via email.  Being in contact helps bring them back in the door. Emails can also thank customers for their business, wish them a happy holiday, or inform them of a special sale. This document will go through the process of setting up a simple email to be sent to all customers with an email address on file.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Customers module.


Click the Search Customer Data button.


Click New.


Enter a Title for the Data Search, and then click the Only With Email button to include only those customers with an email address.  Next click the Options tab.


Choose the One per Customer option to avoid sending the same customer multiple emails. Next click on the Output tab.


Select “Email” for the Output Type, and enter a Subject for the email.

Click the button to the right of the Letter File field to begin creating the text of the email. Doing this will open up a word processor and allow the addition of a logo, pictures, text, and data fields to personalize the email.


Once the email is designed, click the X at the top right-hand corner of the screen.


Click Yes to save the changes.


Give the file a name, and click Save. Click on the Output tab, and the screen will look something like this:


To send a test email to the shop email on file in StockTrac®, put a “1” in the Test Send Count field.  If you leave “0” in that field, the system will send emails to the customers. To send either the test or the real emails, click the Run button at the bottom of the screen. StockTrac® will scan your customer database based on your search parameters and tell you how may customers will receive an email.


Click OK to continue. After the emails are sent, click Save to retain the profile for use in the future.


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