Issuing a Partial Refund

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Issuing a Partial Refund



This article covers how to do a partial refund in the Point-of-Sale module. In this example, we are assuming the customer is getting a credit for a part that was on an invoice.



Go into Point-of-Sale and create a new ticket.

Select the customer and vehicle that was used on the original invoice.

Add an item to the ticket based on how the customer wants to affect their inventory:

  • If the part is to be returned to inventory, select the item, and enter a Qty Sold of -1, and enter the original Selling Price.
  • If the part is defective and being replaced for free, select the item, and use the Sale Type of “Defective Replacement. The Qty Sold will be 1, and the Selling Price will be zero.
  • If the customer is just being given a refund and nothing is being replaced, enter a custom item using the Sale Code of the original part. Enter a Qty Sold of -1 and the original Selling Price. Use the original Cost as well.

Finish the invoice as normal.

If you have any questions or need assistance, give our support department a call.




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