Searching for New Customers That Came In During a Specific Time Period

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Searching for New Customers That Came In During a Specific Time Period



This article will explain how to search for all new customers that were assigned a specific referral code during a specific time frame. It assumes the following:

Click on the links above for more information about each process.

Once the new customers have been located, emails can be sent to the customers, a report can be generated, mailing labels can be created, etc.



From the main StockTrac® menu, click the Customers module.


Click on the Search Customer Data button or use the drop-down menu and select Customers, Data Search.



Click New to add a profile.


Give the search a name (in this case it is “New customers”). Next click the Invoices tab.


In the Date fields, enter the starting and ending dates for the period to be searched on.  Next click on the Promotions tab.


Click the down arrow on the Invoice Referral field. Select the “NC – New Customer” referral. Click on the Output tab


Click the down arrow on the Output Type field, and make a selection. Go to the Fields tab.


Depending on what type of Output you chose, fields to be included may have to be selected. (Some output types do not require this, as they output a certain way that cannot be changed.)

Click Run to execute the search. Don’t forget to click Save to retain the search so it can be used again.


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