Defining End of Period Reports

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Defining End of Period Reports



The reports that will be printed or emailed automatically when a period is closed need to be defined as part of the initial setup of StockTrac®



To do this, go to the Sales Module. Next click Setup and then Reports.

This is the Report Setup grid. The periods are listed at the top of the screen, and the reports are listed on the left.

Put a number in the corresponding box to indicate the number of copies of that report to be printed or emailed when that period is closed. Click OK to continue.

The following reports can be selected:

Aged Receivables Detail Exempt Sales Recap Post-Dated Checks
Aged Receivables Summary Flat Rate Detail Referral
Buyout Detail Gross Payroll Retail Sales Deposit Credit Card
Cash Drawer Reconciliation Installer Salesperson ROA POA MCR
Commissions Averages Inventory Audit Sales Cost Spreadsheet
Committed Parts Invoice Detail Shop Transfer
Counter Sales Summary Invoice Exception Summary Backout
Credit Card Item Detail Listing Tax Audit Detail
Custom Item and Buyout Margin Analysis Tech Proficiency
Declined Parts and Services Negative Quantity On Hand Time Clock
Detailed Backout Net Revenue Total Value of Inventory
Detailed Sales Cost Spreadsheet Part Serial Numbers Vendor Detail
Discount Coupon Parts Usage Zip Code

These values can be changed any time.


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