Return for Service Labels (Oil Change Stickers)

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Return for Service Labels (Oil Change Stickers)



StockTrac® allows the ability to print Return for Service Labels. The system will prompt for the labels after printing Estimates, Invoices or both.


Defining the Labels

From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Configuration Module.


Select Shop, Documents & Printing, Return for Service Labels from the drop-down menu.


Edit and existing label or click the New button.


Enter the following information:

  • Name – enter a name for this label
  • Sale Code – select the sale code that will be associated with this label or pick All Sale codes.
  • Label Height/Width – define the size of the label. (The dimensions shown on the screen above are the defaults for the labels and Zebra printer we sell.)
  • Logo Height – enter the height of the logo. This tells the system how far down the page to begin printing text.
  • Prompt for Printing After – choose to prompt for label printing after Estimates, Invoices or both.

After entering the above information, click the Edit Text button.


This is where the content of the label is defined. Text can be entered, and the following data fields can also be inserted into the label using the Insert Variable Text button circled on the screen above:

  • Shop Name
  • Shop Address
  • Shop City, State Zip
  • Shop Phone
  • Customer Name
  • Year Make Model
  • Odometer+??
  • Date+??

The Odometer and Date fields have the ability to specify the current odometer reading and date and add a value to it. For example, on the above screen it shows to print the odometer reading plus 3000 miles. The date shows to add 90 days to the date.

Once the label is defined, click X in the upper right-hand corner to exit out of this screen. The system will prompt to save the design; do so. Next Click OK twice to exit out of the Return for Service Labels function.


Specifying the Label Printer

Once the label has been created, it is time to specify the label printer. We recommend our Zebra printer and corresponding labels. Labels are available with your franchise logo on it, and we also offer a generic label. For more information, see the following links:

To define the printer, go into the Configuration module if not already there.


Click on the Printers button.


Select the printer to use for the Service Labels and click OK to continue.


Printing the Service Labels

Once the label format is designed and the printer specified, the system will prompt to print the labels after printing either Estimates, Invoices or both, depending what was specified when the label was designed.

The system will check the sale codes used on the ticket, and if a Service Label is specified for that sale code, it will prompt to print the Service Label. A screen similar to the following will display:


The labels you are eligible to print (based on sale code) will display. Check the Print? box and then click the Print button.


The above images is an example of what the text would look like on the label that was created. There may be a logo pre-printed on the label if the shop is a franchise.








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