Deleting an Accounts Receivable Customer or Marking Them as Inactive

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Deleting an Accounts Receivable Customer or Marking Them as Inactive



This article explains how to permanently delete an Accounts Receivable customer. Note that only Accounts Receivable customers with NO transaction history can be deleted. If a customer has any transactions (either current or moved to history), the customer cannot be deleted. Instead they can be marked as inactive.

Once a customer is marked as inactive, they can still have tickets entered for them. However, they cannot use the payment type of “Charge” on an Invoice.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Accounts Receivable module. Click on the Edit Customer button.

The following screen will display:


Window Capture a

Locate the customer by searching, by typing in the account number, or by scrolling down the list of customers. Select the customer that you want to delete.


Window Capture b

Place your cursor in the Account # field. Delete the contents of the field and click OK. If the customer has no activity, you will see the following message:


Window Capture c

Click Yes to delete the customer.


If the customer does have transactions, you will see this message instead:

Window Capture f

If this occurs, click OK to continue, and then click the “Inactive Account” check box as shown below:


Window Capture e


Click OK to change this customer to inactive.


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