CARFAX Integration

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 CARFAX Integration



StockTrac® 3.1 and later now offers the QuickVIN feature for shops that send data to CARFAX on a regular basis. This is an option that will allow the VIN number of a vehicle to be retrieved based on the license plate and state being entered. Prior to version 3.1, shops had the ability to decode the VIN to get the correct vehicle information. However, the QuickVIN feature will most definitely save time and input errors by allowing the user to type in a short license plate number instead of a long VIN number.

In addition to the QuickVIN feature, StockTrac® 3.2 and above offers the CARFAX Service History lookup. This feature will allow reported service history to be viewed in Point-of-Sale from the Vehicle History tab.



The following must be in place in order to use the QuickVIN and Service History Lookup:

  • The shop must have Janco’s Integration Subscription
  • CARFAX must be enabled in the Configuration module

Contact Janco Customer Service for information on the Integration Subscription if not already subscribed.

Once subscribed, CARFAX must be enabled. Janco will need to perform this step, as it requires a high level of security to turn it on. To enable it, Janco will go into the Configuration module and then click on Shop, Integrations, and Sales Exports as shown below.

The following screen will display:


The CARFAX QuickVIN feature cannot be enabled until the weekly data send has been activated as shown on the screen to the left. Janco support will ensure that the day of the week you are sending data is a day you are open, as the send is triggered when you close the specified day.

In addition, when first enabling QuickVIN, Janco will click on the Send Authorization Request button to request access to the CARFAX server. Access is typically granted within 24 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The owner of the shop must agree to the CARFAX terms and conditions before this feature can be turned on. Click here to review the agreement.


QuickVIN Overview

The QuickVIN feature can be used in a few different ways. When adding a new vehicle to a customer, click on the Plate/VIN Lookup button.

The following screen will display:

Enter the Plate and State of the vehicle that is being searched for, and click the Find button to activate the search. Note that the State will default to the state in which the shop is located (see Configuration, Shop, Shop Name & Address).

The following information will display:

Once the vehicle has been found, click OK to go to the Add Vehicle screen.

Enter any additional information you wish to enter regarding this vehicle and click OK.

The other way to use CARFAX QuickVIN is on a vehicle that is in the system but does not have the VIN associated with it. In another scenario, this can be used when a VIN is present but needs to be verified to make sure it is correct.

To use QuickVIN in these ways, bring the vehicle up in the Edit Vehicle screen, and click on the Lookup VIN button.

You will be brought to the CARFAX Vehicle Lookup screen where the plate and state will already be filled in.

Click OK to save the returned VIN.

In the case that there is no listing for a specific plate and state, the following screen will display.


Service History Overview

The other feature available to you with the CARFAX integration is the Service History Lookup. While editing or entering a ticket in Point-of-Sale, click the Vehicle History button.

Next click the Carfax History button, as shown below.

A report similar to the following will be displayed. Keep in mind this report only includes service history that was reported to CARFAX. There may be service history that was not reported, as well as other records for this vehicle that may reveal Accidents/Damage and Ownership history.


If you have further questions regarding the Integration Subscription or the CARFAX integration, contact Janco Technical Support.

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