Batch Input

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Batch Input



StockTrac® ENTERPRISE’s Batch Input option is mainly used for updating on hands or making changes to select fields on a few parts in the Inventory file. A good use of this program would be entering counts from a physical inventory.



To run this function, go into the Inventory module. Next click Items, then Batch Input.

The screen shows the first category in the Inventory file along with fields to choose from. Select the Category to be manipulated and then select the field to be changed.

Click the Begin button to start making changes.

Enter the stock number to change and press the tab key to move the cursor to the field to be changed. NOTE: If you are changing on hands, enter the amount that you wish the inventory to show. If you want to carry the new value over to the next part, you can click the Carry New Values to Next Entry button. Click the Apply button when finished with changes for that part.

The system will automatically advance to the next part. If this part number does not need to be changed, type in the part number to be changed and press the tab key again. Repeat these steps until all values are entered. Once you have changed the last part, be sure to click Apply and then click Done.

You will have the option to print a report showing all of the changes that were made. Click OK to print or preview the report, or Cancel to skip the process. Next click Done once again to exit the Batch Input program.


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