Setting Up a Tax-Exempt Customer

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Setting Up a Tax-Exempt Customer



In order to set up tax-exempt customers, a tax-profile must already be in place. This document explains how to set up a tax-exempt customer once the profile is in place.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Customer module. (Note that customers can also be accessed in the Point-of-Sale and Accounts Receivable modules.)

Once in Customers, click the Edit Customers button or go to Customers –> Edit/View. The following screen will display:


KB1001 A

Retrieve a customer by using any of the Find criteria. Highlight the customer and click Edit Customer. The following screen will display.


KB1001 B

Click the down arrow next to Tax Status and chose the Tax Profile that this customer should be listed under.

Next to the “Tax Status” dropdown there is a box with three dots. Click on that, and this screen will display:


KB1001 C

You can optionally enter the customer’s Tax Exempt ID.

Click OK twice and then DONE to finish.




How To Set Up Tax-Exempt Profiles



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