Delete Discontinued Parts

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Delete Discontinued Parts



This function will allow you run a report of and/or delete parts from a manufacturer or multiple manufacturers.



To run this program, go into the Inventory module.

Select Items and then Delete Discontinued Parts. The following screen will display:

Arrow down to and highlight the Manufacturer to report on and/or delete discontinued parts from. NOTE: If you want to choose more than one manufacturer (category) at a time, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and highlight the manufacturers to be included.

The option in the upper-right corner says Report Only. If that button is checked, the system will ONLY generate a report showing what it WOULD delete, without actually deleting the items. If it is NOT checked, the program will actually delete those parts that are eligible to be deleted when the Delete button is clicked.

A part can be deleted if the following items are all true:

1) The Discontinued button is checked on the part in Edit Items on the Master tab, as shown above.

2) The Quantity On Hand is zero (in Edit Items on the Shop tab, as shown above).

3) The Quantity Committed is zero.

4) The Quantity On Order is zero.

When Delete is clicked, the following message will display:

Click Yes to delete the parts. A report of what was deleted can also be printed or displayed.



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