Setup Ordering Profiles

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Setup Ordering Profiles



Order Profiles are used to create orders that are commonly placed with specific vendors. For example, an order of certain parts is typically placed with a certain vendor each month. Setting up a profile with this information will save time by alleviating the need to re-key the same information over and over.



To setup or edit profiles, go to the Inventory module.

Click on Order, Setup Profiles. The following screen will display:

The screen will show the existing profiles (if any). Click New to add a profile.

A list of suppliers entered in the Vendor Tracking module will display. Highlight the vendor the profile is for and click OK.

Enter the following information:

Title – Name the profile. An accurate description makes it a lot easier to keep track of what profile does what.

Categories – Select the categories that apply to this profile. The Select All and Unselect All buttons can also be used to speed up data entry.

Product Codes – When a category is selected, all the product codes for that category are “included”. Double-click on a product code to exclude it. The All and None buttons can also be used to speed up data entry.

Ignore Mfg Order Parms – If this box is checked, the program will ignore Manufacturer Ordering Parameters (see Inventory, Order, Setup Order Parameters for more information).

User Codes – If user codes have been assigned to items in Edit Items, this field can be used. If user codes are entered here, the program will only pull parts from the category and product code with a matching user code.

When you are finished defining the profile, click OK. Click Cancel to exit the program.



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