Categories & Manufacturers

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Categories & Manufacturers



In StockTrac®, a category is the same thing as a manufacturer. The software comes preloaded with many manufacturers. The shop will determine which categories will be used, and custom manufacturers can also be added if desired. The main purpose for splitting up items by Category/Manufacturer is to allow the integrations to find the correct parts by mapping them.



To define your categories, go into the Inventory module.

Select Setup, Categories & Manufacturers.

The left-hand of the screen shows manufacturers that have been Configured to be used in the system. These categories are listed in this column by highlighting the manufacturer under Available Manufacturers on the left and clicking the Add button. Before the manufacturer is added, the following screen will display:

Enter a Prefix for this manufacturer, using up to 3 alphanumeric characters. Most inventory listings in StockTrac® ENTERPRISE will be alphabetized by this prefix. Enter in the prefix and press OK. The manufacturer will now be listed on the left-hand side under Configured Manufacturers.

There may be times when a shop wants to add a custom manufacturer and parts into StockTrac®. To add the manufacturer, click the New button on near the bottom right of the Category Setup screen.

Enter the name of the manufacturer and click OK. This will list the manufacturer under the Available Manufacturers section on the right. To use the new manufacturer, highlight it and click the Add button to move it to the Configured Manufacturers list on the left. The system will then prompt for a Prefix, as explained above. Enter the prefix and click OK. The Manufacturer will then appear in the Configured Manufacturers list on the left. Once this is done, parts can be added for this category in Inventory, Edit Items.

The prefixes for the Manufacturers can also be changed. To do this, highlight the manufacturer under the Configured Manufacturers listing and then click Edit Prefix. Make the desired changes and click OK.



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