Inventory Worksheet

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The Inventory WorkSheet is a tool to assist in recording the actual on-hand quantities of your stocked parts. The report is printed, the parts are counted, and the counts are recorded in the space provided.



To print the WorkSheet, go into the Inventory Module.

Click on Reports and then WorkSheet. The Worksheet Setup screen will display:

The following information can be selected to determine which items will appear on the Worksheet:

Categories/Manufacturers – Listed on the left-hand side of the screen are the categories that have been defined in the system. Click the box next to the category or categories to be included on this worksheet.

Scope – Use this field to tell the worksheet which parts within the selected categories to include.

Active Only – This option tells the system to include parts that have ever been “active” in the system (i.e., sold, purchased, etc.). It can be used in conjunction with the With Activity Since field described below.

On-Hand Only – Clicking this option will tell the system to only include items with a current on-hand quantity on the worksheet. It can be used in conjunction with the With Activity Since field described below.

All Parts – Selecting this will cause all parts in the categories selected to appear on the worksheet.

Stocking Parts – One of the following must be true: a) Maximum Qty > 0; b) Computed Max Qty > 0; c) Qty On Hand < 0; d) Qty Committed > 0.

With Activity Since – Use this in conjunction with the Scope values Active Only, On-Hand Only and Stocking Parts to further limit the items shown on the report.

Sale Code to Include – This field will default to all. However, if only one category is selected on the left of the screen, the Sale Codes for that category will display in this section. The drop down box to select a specific sale code.

Once the selections for the worksheet have been made, click OK.

The report can be previewed first to ensure the desired parts are included. Click Printer and OK to print the worksheet.

An example of the worksheet is shown above. Notice the New O/H (On Hand) column for recording the counted quantities.


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