Cross Reference Report

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Cross Reference Report



The Cross Reference report allows you to print a list of either Cross References, Supercessions, and Alternates. There are options that can be selected, which are explained below.



To run the Cross Reference report, go into the Inventory module.

Click on the Reports drop-down menu, and then click on Cross Reference.

Select the Manufacturer to be printed. All Product Codes for that manufacturer are selected; uncheck any that are not to be included in the report.

Next tell the system to print either Supercessions, Alternates, or Cross References. For more information, see Edit Items, Alternates tab.

The Report Option will now be selected. Choose one of the following:

  • Active Parts (the Quantity On Hand is greater than 0)
  • Shop Worksheet – If running StockTrac in a multi-shop environment, this will generate the report for the active shop only
  • Master Worksheet – If running in a multi-shop environment, this will print all part numbers at all shops.

Click the Print button to print the report. A preview will appear on the screen. To send the report to a printer, click on the printer icon in the top left corner. Exit the preview when finished.

An example of the report is shown below:


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