Committing Parts to an Estimate

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Committing Parts to an Estimate



During the Estimating process, parts can be committed to an estimate. When a part is committed to an estimate, the quantity of that item is no longer available to be used on other estimates. Parts that can be committed to estimates must meet the following criteria:

1) The part must have a Part Type of “Regular”. (See Inventory, Edit Items, Master tab)

2) The part must have a Quantity On Hand. (See Inventory, Edit Items, Shop tab)

Parts that meet the above criteria can be committed to estimates, as explained in the next steps.


Step 1: Review Your Job Status Requirements (optional)

The system can be configured to automatically prompt to Commit Parts to the Estimate. To check the settings, go to the Point of Sale Module.

Click Setup, then Job Status Requirements. The following screen will display:

Across the top of the screen are five statuses (Quick Quote, Estimate, Work Order, Completed and Invoice). The Commit Parts row is circled above. For each status, decide if the system will ask if parts should be committed. If Required or Warned are selected, the system will prompt to Commit Parts when an estimate is saved with that status. If Not Required is selected for a status, the system will not prompt to Commit Parts when the estimate is saved.


Step 2: Add the Part(s) to the Estimate

Go into the Point-of-Sale module, and create an estimate. Add the stocked parts to that estimate. For more information on how to create estimates, see Getting Started With StockTrac® Enterprise.


Step 3: Save the Estimate

Save the Estimate with one of the available statuses. As described previously, the following screen may display when saving the estimate:

Click Yes to commit the parts to the estimate now, or click No to manually commit the parts at a later time.


Step 4: Manually Commit the Parts to the Estimate (if needed)

If the system did not prompt to Commit Parts when saving the estimate, this process can be done manually at a later time. To do this, go into the Point-of-Sale module.

Highlight the estimate that needs parts committed by finding it via either the Today’s Estimates or All Estimates tab. Next click the Commit Parts button, as shown above.

The screen will show the parts that can be committed. Click a specific part and then click the Commit button. Three other button can also be used: Uncommit, Commit All, and Uncommit All.


Step 5: Print the Committed Parts Report (optional)

To get a list of all the parts that are currently committed, go into the Inventory module.

Click Reports and then Committed Parts. Select to display or print the report. Below is an example of the report layout.

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