Total Value of Inventory Report

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Total Value of Inventory Report



The Total Value of Inventory report shows the total value of stocked parts at the shop. The report can be run to show the current value of inventory in the system, or the report can be run to show a previous month’s value. Previous month’s values are saved in the system when the Close a Period function is run in Sales.



To run the Total Value of Inventory report, go into the Inventory module.

Click on the Reports drop-down menu, and then click on Total Value of Inventory.

Enter the following information:

Select the Manufacturers/Categories to be printed. The Select All and Unselect All buttons can be used to make choosing the information to be included on the report easier.

Period – Select either the Current Inventory Value or a Previous Month’s Value.

Include – Choose Only Rows with Data or All Rows.

Totals By – The report can sort and total by Manufacturer, Product Code or Sale Code.

Group – This button is available for multi-shop environments. Choose to group by Shops or Categories.

Click the Print button to print the report. A preview will appear on the screen. To send the report to a printer, click on the printer icon in the top left corner. Exit the preview when finished.

An example of the report is shown below:


The category name is on the left side of the report. Below is an explanation of the columns on the report:

Retail – Selling Price 1 * Quantity on Hand

List – List Price * Quantity on Hand

New Core – Core Amount * Quantity on Hand

Used Core – Core Amount * Used Cores

Average Net – Average Cost * Quantity on Hand

Exchange Net – Cost * Quantity on Hand

Net – (Cost * Quantity on Hand) + (Core * Quantity on Hand)

The fields referenced above can be found in Inventory, Edit Items (see the Master and Shop tabs).


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