Setting Up a Pre-Defined Discount/Promotion

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Setting Up a Pre-Defined Discount/Promotion



This article describes how to set up a new Discount/Promotion. After creating the discount, it will be accessible from a drop-down menu under the Jobs section of a Ticket in the Point-of-Sale module.



From the StockTrac® main menu, go into the Configuration module. Select Shop –> Discounts. The following screen will display:


KB1003 A


To add a new discount/promotion, click the New button. This screen will display:

KB1003 B


Enter the information as follows:

Name Give this discount or promotion a name. This will display in the discount section of the ticket.
Coupon/Discount Code If this discount has a coupon or code associated with it, enter it here. This code will be used on the Discount_Coupon report (Sales module –> Setup –> Report Setup –> Discount_Coupon).
Apply To Select whether this discount will apply to the Item, Job or Invoice.
Type Choose one of the following:
Percent Off (available for Item, Job and Invoice discounts)
Dollar Off (available for Item, Job and Invoice discounts)
Buy ? Get ? at ?% off (available for Item discounts)
Exact Price (available for Job and Invoice discounts)The Buy ? Get ? at ?% off type is a flexible way to design promotions for items that are generally purchased in quantities of more than one, such as shocks, tires, struts, etc.Once the type is chosen, enter the discount amount or discount percent.
Use Date Range Click the box and define starting and ending dates for this promotion if desired. For example, if Use All Sale Codes was selected and a date range was entered, all tickets entered within the date range will have the promotion. Once the current date is passed the end date for the promotion, the promotion will no longer be calculated on the tickets.
Discount PartsDiscount LaborDiscount Supplies For Discounts based on the Job or invoice, select whether or not to discount parts, labor, and supplies.
Apply Before Taxes Indicate if the discount should be applied before any taxes are calculated.
Sale Codes and Product Codes Use this section to apply the discount to specific Sale Codes. To apply the discount to all codes, check the “Use All Sale Codes” option. To apply the discount only to specific sale codes, double-click on the desired sale code, and the “Include” field will change from “No” to “Yes”. You can also include only specific Product Codes within a Sale Code.

After entering which sale or product codes to use, click OK. If you are done editing Discounts & Promotions, click OK to exit.



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