Global Batch in Inventory

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Global Batch in Inventory



The Global Batch option is used to run multiple global profiles in a batch in a user-defined order. Before running this function, the Global Profiles that are to be run in the batch need to have been defined.



To run the Global Batch feature, go into the Inventory module.

Click Reports, Global Batch.

A list of all Global Batches that have been entered will display. Click the New button to add a new one.

The Global Profiles that have been set up will be displayed in the right column of the screen. Click on the ones to be included in the batch, and then click the Add button.

The left column shows the profiles that have been selected. The order in which the profiles are run can be changed by using the Move Up and Move Down button.

The Print dropdown field specifies to print No Reports, All Reports, or the Last Report Only. Click on Save.

Give the Global Batch a Title and click Save as New. The system will return to the list of Global Profiles.

Highlight the batch to run and click Run. The report(s) can be previewed or printed. Exit out of the program when finished.


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