Set Up Global Groups

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Set Up Global Groups



This function will allow groups to be set up that can then be assigned to your Global Profiles. This comes in handy if there are a lot of profiles on file. When in the Global Profile application, groups can be assigned to profiles, and the list of profiles can then be filtered to show only those profiles in a group.



To set up Global Groups, go into the Inventory module.

Click Reports, Setup Global Groups.

Click Add to create a new group. When you are finished adding groups, click OK to exit the program.

Once the groups are added, they can be accessed in Global Profiles. Go to Inventory, Reports, Global. Pull up a Global Profile.

Drop down the Group field and assign the profile to one of the groups. Click Save to keep the change. Do this to as many profiles as desired.

Now when going into Global Profiles, you can change the drop down to show only globals for a certain group, as shown on the next screen.

Only globals assigned to the pricing group are now displayed.

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