Updating Item Cost from Ordering

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Updating Item Cost from Ordering



This procedure shows how to update the cost field in Inventory, Edit Items with the cost entered in Inventory, Ordering.



The screen shot below shows the “before” cost in Inventory, Edit Items:

Go into Vendor Tracking, and pull up the vendor you are buying this item from. Go to the Ordering/Categories tab.

Make sure the category the item is in is added in the Categories Section, and that the “Preferred” box is checked. See below for an example of the screen.

Once the category is listed and marked as preferred, the Item Cost should be updated when it’s changed in Inventory, Orders.

Pull up the order in Inventory, and change the cost (original cost in this example was $7.51).

In this example, the order was pulled up from the Building tab, the Cost was updated, and the Order button was clicked.

Next the order was pulled up in the On Delivery tab, and the Post button was clicked.

Below is a screen shot of the Item record, showing that the cost was updated.


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