Manually Adding a Part to Inventory

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Manually Adding a Part to Inventory



This article will explain how to manually add parts into the inventory file through the Inventory module. This will assume that the sale code and product code are already set up for the parts to be added. See the related topics for help on adding sale codes and product codes.



From the main StockTrac® menu, go into the Inventory module.

Click on the Edit Items button, and the Select Items screen will display:

Click Add to create a new part. (HINT: If this part is similar to another part in the system, highlight the existing part first before clicking Add. This will reduce the amount of data entry required.)

Enter the following information:

Use current item as model – If the part being added is similar to the part that was highlighted when Add was clicked, click this box.

Manufacturer – Select the category that the part will be in.

Part Number – Give this part a number.

Product Code – Click the down arrow next to Product Code and chose one of the available product codes for this category. The Sale Code will automatically be filled in based on what is entered here.

Part Type – choose either Regular, Labor, Machining, Non-Stocked, Tire or Courtesy Check.

Put in a Pop Code, Description, Cost and Selling Price if needed. If the OK button does not light up, this means that a required field needs to be entered.

Click OK, and the system will return to the Select Items screen. Click on Edit to edit the part that was just added. Go through the different tabs and enter any additional information.

For a detailed explanation of the fields that can be entered and viewed for an item, see Inventory – Edit Items.


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